Webdoc : Egypt: The songs of Tahrir Square

Music at the heart of the revolution

A web documentary by Hussein Emara and Priscille Lafitte


A year after the fall of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, we returned to Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square. We met young singers from the revolution. We heard old forgotten songs that had been banned for decades.

They told us of Egyptian musicians’ concerns in the face of constant pressure from the military authorities, and of the threat from Islamist censors.

From Tahrir Square, where the revolutionary songs flourished, to Mubarak’s former seat of power, where so many musicians were once silenced, join us on a journey through music and politics in revolutionary Egypt. We will stop off at Cairo University, where Sheikh Imam and Ahmad Fouad Negm wrote a new chapter in the history of political music. We will go to the Al-Sawy cultural centre, long a cradle of alternative music. We will visit members of the Islamic production company Wellsbox. And we will meet a new generation of Egyptian DJs at a wedding in the outskirts of Cairo.

Enjoy the journey, listen in…

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